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“Sa Iyong Pagtanda”


Ang buhay natin ay parang isang kandila sa unang sindi apoy ay mahina at unit unting lalakas ngunit habang tumatagal lalong humihina.

Noong ako’y nasa sinapupunan pa lamang, may isang bahay na madilim ngunit ingat na ingat sa akin at may isang boses naman na laging kumakamusta sa akin. Hanggang sa ako’y isinilang lumiwanag na ang lahat para sa akin, si ina’y pala ang walang tigil na init na yumayakap at si ita’y naman ang boses na walang sawang kumakausap.

Sa tuwing ako’y magigising na umiiyak ako’y iyong ipaghehele kahit ikaw pa ay puyat. Sa maghapon na dadaan tayong dalawa ang magsasama at ako’y iyong aaliwin hagat sa ako ay dapuan na ng antok at lungkot ko’y iyong papawiin. Sa pagsapit ng gabi si ita’y ay darating habang ikaw ay abala siya naman sakin ay titingin. Kapag ako’y nagsasalita pilit nyong inuunawa kahit pa kung ako’y magsalita parang walang dila, kung minsan ako’y makulit hindi kayo nasisiraan ng bait. At kapag sa lampin ako’y nadumi kahit minsan hindi ko nakita na kayo’y mandiri.  Sa tuwing sasapit ang aking kaarawan lungkot at ligaya ay inyong nadarama. Lagi nyong hinihiling na sana huwag na kong lumaki, upang hindi ko na madama ang mga hirap at sana lagi nalang akong nasa inyong piling.

Sa inyong pagtanda, ako naman ang magaaruga. Gaya ng pagmamahal niyo sa akin noong ako’y maliit pa sa inyo naman ay aking ipapadama. Sa inyong dalawa ako ang magaalaga , hindi ilalagay sa kamay ng masungit na yaya. Lagi nasa tabi nyo at handang umalalay sa oras na hindi kana makalakad. Hindi ka sisigawan kapag dumating ang araw na ikaw ay mabingi, pilit na iintindihin kahit salita mo’y pautal utal. Kapag ikaw naman ang makulit para sa akin ikaw padin ay napakabait at kapag ikaw ay nadumi o naihi sa iyong upuan  kahit kalian hindi ka kagagalitan. Kapag ang araw na ikaw ay tuluyang bumalik na sa pagkabata at ako’y iyong makalimutan na, ako naman ang magtuturo sa iyo at laging kakausap at laging ipapadama ang init ng aking mga yakap. Kaarawan mo kalian man ay hindi kakalimutan kahit sakin ay masakit dahil nakikita kong patuloy ang iyong pagtanda pilit na ngingiti para lungkot mo ay mapawi. Kapag ikaw ay mahiga dahil sa iyong karamdaman hindi magsasawang ikaw ay alagaan at paliguan. Ako naman ngayon ang hihiling na sana kayo’y huwag nang umalis sa aking piling.

Sa aking mga kapwa kabataan, huwag sana tayong mabulag sa ating responsibilidad. Alalahanin natin ang mga panahon na tayo ay kanilang inalagaan. Laging ipaalala sa kanila kung gaano natin sila kamahal dahil hindi ako sigurado kung aabutin pa nila ang katandaan. Masuwerte ka at may magulang ka. Sa pagupos ng iyong kandila, sanay huwag kalimutan ang pagmamahal na iyong nadama at kahit kalian hindi ko malilimutan ang pagmamahal na iyong ipinadama.

ImageI’m glad that God granted my wish,

A wish that I’ve been waiting for a years,

To have a hero who’s always there besides me,

A person is as sweet as a strawberry…

You’re the only Woman, who love me so sincerely,

You’re the only one who teach a lot of knowledge to me,

With you I feel comfort just like sitting under a big old tree,

And you let me know how happy to be free…

Thanks for the understanding, listening and for everything,

Thanks for the time we shares and for not lying,

Thanks for being my teacher at the same time for being my mother,

My last wish is to be with you forever…


ImageThis flower reminds me a lot,

It hugs me just like a cloth,

It corrects all my faults,

And it satisfies me just what I thought…

This flower is her favorite,

Every time she saw it she feels great,

I wish I can give her some of it,

Even it is expensive…

This flower blooms every summer,

The color of it suits the weather,

I hope I can be a good painter,

So I can paint her holding this flower…

This flower dance with the breeze,

I know she also like this,

I felt comfort every time she kisses,

With her I don’t want every second to miss…

This poem is just for her,

And always remember,

I Love you and I’ll be always your savior,

This flower reminds me my mother…

ImageEvery night we had a party,

And it last until eleven thirty,

I’ll make you feel pretty,

To come out your real beauty            …

If you feel lonely,

Just join our society,

But make sure you have a nickname,

Simple and plain…

King and Queen of the dance floor,

We want to dance a little more,

Even the lights was turned off,

But when we dance your eyes will be caught…

Our Society,

Only exist in imaginary,

But we feel very happy,

All the time was really funny…

This party is like a passage,

We just pass a group message,

Just like running water in sewage,

And now I feel like I’m out of cage…

Miss This:)

ImageI’ m just your friend,

That never uses pride,

Even you left me behind,

I’ll always be your guide…

Why are we always pretending?

That we’re in a happy ending,

We’re just playing,

And you like this happening…

But I’m always glad,

Because you never get mad,

And we never fight,

Even I was not always right…

We’re not in a fairytale,

It’s not like we live in a castle,

You’re not my Prince to fight in a battle,

And you don’t even care if the witch brings me to hell…

But I don’t understand,

Why you still hold my hand,

And you whisper every night,

“If I had any chances and bring back the way we started,

I want you to be my Princess” …


I love living in my big old mansion,

Staying here is my one and only passion,

They want to celebrate here only every Halloween occasion,

And I am all alone so I only hear my own opinion…

As the night falls I sleep in my room and my heart was screaming,

There’s the window can’t stop opening and cracking,

I hear the rain drops on the roof the scary lightning and thudding,

I imagine the ghost that he was laughing and clapping …

The sun is rising so bright and looking at me with his faithfulness,

Every time I look at my bathtub I felt dizziness,

It looks ten foot tall I can’t even look down and took steps,

In this place I don’t hear any criticisms to me and any judgments…

I’m always aware of my back so I won’t look scared to cat,

My teeth can be a scissor and knife to cut it even helps me a lot,

Would you visit me in my old big mansion and together we take a nap,

It all looks obvious to me because I’m just a little old Rat…

“I’ve been Lucky!!!”

Do have any knowledge about Computer? Well, if I’m going to answer that, my answer will be a big YES!!! Know why? Because I’ve been studying a computer subject in only 9 months, and I earned a lot of knowledge about it. And I will say Thank You to my computer teacher; you have shared a lot of intelligence in using Computer. Now, I will share all what I’ve learned in my computer subject…

What is a Computer? It is an electronic device that processes data in accordance with programmed instructions. Do you know what the first known Computer is? It is the Abacus, emerged about 3000 B.C. Pascaline is a numerical wheal calculator that add sums, and Blasé Pascal created it. In 1820, Charles Savvier created Arithmometer, a mechanical calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide. And Herman Hollerith is the inventor of Punch Card Reader which is a tabulating machine. I’ve learned also the difference between the Hardware, Software and People ware. Classification of Computer; Mainframe, Minicomputer and Microcomputer. And the Function Keys in keyboard. In the earliest century, they used only keyboard to work on their computers. It is hard to memorize all the keyboard commands, but the mouse was invented so it is easier for us. Now I know how to use more on MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint Presentation. I also learned about the Internet. The Web Browser that allows us to view and explore information on the World Wide Web, about the Universal Resource Locator, the Internet and Multimedia, about the different acronyms. And the Netiquette, it helps me for behaving properly in online. Search Engine, a utility that will search the internet. The Chatting, now I know the different short hands and smiley used when chatting. And the last but not the least, my favorite topic all the time was Web Blogs. You know why? Because this is the lesson that helps me improves my English language and practices me in creating some articles. And this article is one of my articles that I’ve been posted in my blog site. And I know that this knowledge will help to me a lot…

Now I need to end this, all I can say is, I’m very lucky because I’ve learned all of these that I never learned before. And I’m very thankful because God give me a very hard working teacher like you!

Thank You Mr. Christopher A. Olaya!!!


We all don’t know,

How our group all grow,

It all start with four members,

And became a bunch of players…

We love the sport of cooking,

And we like the hobby of laughing

We are fund of joking,

But we care of everyone’s feeling…

My friends and I sometimes fight,

And maybe some days nothing goes right,

But when we see each other again,

We feel sorry and we’re friends again…

When the examination day come,

Just look at your back, and the worry was gone,

Here comes the answer,

But make sure that you’re a good catcher…

We are close to our teacher,

We’re like brother and sister,

But sometimes she got angry,

That’s because we’re too noisy…

I didn’t know how to end this,

All I knew that I made a big irony,

Because I want to wrote a story,

But I found out that I’ve finished poetry,

The End…



I’m glad that you were here,

Even you’re in the middle of nowhere,

You’ll be my power, to face my terror,

And you don’t forget my flower…

I feel cold,

I want you and me to hold,

I wish we could,

But we don’t…

Don’t be so lonely,

I will not burry my memory,

And I will not forget you easily,

Because you’re in my heart already…

Don’t say that I’ am a liar,

Because I leave you forever,

Just visit me every November,

And say a little prayer…

Please don’t cry,

I don’t want tears from your eye,

I must say goodbye,

Because I already die…


“Fall on to My Guy”

He’s a friend of mine,

My priceless treasure all the time,

I keep him in my mind,

Mostly in the bottom of my heart…

For me he will fight,

Just to make me feel right,

He never makes me cry,

For he doesn’t want to see tears from my eye…

You are my light in everyday,

For you is my only way,

Because I met you in May,

And I will not forget that day…

For you is my sense of feeling,

I don’t want to make you missing,

Please don’t make me feel searching,

Because you’re my reason for living….

For me he will die,

He never say lie,

My heart start to smile,

For I fall in love to My Guy…